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What are the Differences between Garage Door Openers?

11/22/2013 Back To Blog

One of the biggest advantages of current times is the luxury to choose among various products, which sometimes is a burden because we are obliged to know the technical differences and the special characteristics of each one of them. If you are planning to buy a new garage door opener, you should consult with a garage door contractor in Gladstone, but it wouldn’t hurt to read some information about the various types available in the market beforehand.

How many types of garage door openers exist?

  • The chain drive garage door opener is the traditional type of opener that most people in Oregon use. It has a reliable mechanism and is easy to be maintained, but its basic disadvantage is the excessive noise. If you want to hear your garage door working, this would an excellent choice, but if your bedroom is right above the garage, you should consider buying a different type.
  • The belt drive garage door opener is also preferred by many people, although it is much more expensive, due to its silent performance. The only difference between the two is that this one has a belt instead of a chain.
  • The screw drive garage door opener is consisted of less components and it is a relatively inexpensive option with low levels of noise, if compared to the chain drive.
  • The torsion drive garage door opener is the latest opener motor and the basic difference with the rest is that it is installed on the wall instead of the ceiling saving extra space.
  • The differences in the prices are rather small as well as the garage door opener repair services needed, so the final choice must depend largely on the levels of noise you desire and the space in your garage.
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