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Tips for a Safer Garage

11/22/2013 Back To Blog

The garages in Oregon host at least one vehicle, which may come and go thanks to the good operation of the garage door parts. The current needs of modern families in Gladstone have transformed garages into the place, where people put their laundry, lawn machine and tools. The shelves on the walls and the closets usually host many detergents or other chemical liquids, which can be dangerous to children. In other words, you must take some precaution measures that will ensure the safety of your children and pets when they are in the garage.

Isolate the dangerous substances

Don't leave the keys on the lawn machine, the car or any other machine you keep in the garage.
It's good to keep the detergents and chemicals locked in a closet and the keys out of the reach of children.
You must place the wall button of the garage door opener high, so that it cannot be reached by your kids.
Tidy up your tools in one place, especially if they are sharp. You must keep the door, which connects the garage and the house, locked and the keys hidden from the kids.

Make some rules

  • Don't let your children get close to your tools and don't use the garage as an entertainment room.
  • You must teach your children that they should never touch the garage door cables or the other parts of the mechanism. Most components associated with the electric garage door openers can be very dangerous and the kids, who ignore danger, may get injured.
  • You should make it a habit of keeping the remote controls on you at all times and take them out only when you have to activate the door operators.
  • The mechanism of the door may be affected by damages to the sensors or the garage door springs and they may behave oddly. That's why you must teach your kids the dangers and never leave them standing underneath a door.
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